Friday, March 19, 2004

Finding the Balance 

In certain Native American tribes (Navajo or Cherokee, I can't remember), the process of healing is quite different than Western medicine. The healer or medicine man/woman empowers their patients to find a balance between mind and spirit to cure their illnesses. In their belief system, balance is everything. The mind and the spirit are connected. The mind has an outlet through the voicebox and the spirit has its outlet through the heart, through feelings and emotions. Often, it is harder to listen to the spirit and because of this, leads to the mind making many of the decisions in life while the spirit is kept quiet. Eventually, one forgets to listen to the spirit and there is disconnection. To the Native Americans, this disconnection is the cause of disease. Now, I am in no way physically ill, but I feel this disconnection, this imbalance in myself. But in this case, my spirit is ruling over my mind. I am trying to find this balance between my mind and my spirit . . .believing that once I find it, I can be myself again, happy and ready to move on. I am a romantic at heart and my spirit is ever hopeful and forgiving. But my mind knows that what once was will not happen again, that it is not forever, and that I want more than what is offered. My mind knows that what my heart hopes for is not going to happen and that it is time to move on. If only my spirit and heart could be in balance with my mind, then I can move on. . . my healing could begin.

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