Thursday, May 06, 2004

Loud voices when I wake, loud voices when I sleep 

Ahh! Finally some peace and quiet in this house. It's been hard trying to find some quiet time with my thoughts at home, what with my dad always on the computer and my visiting aunt from Taiwan nearly blowing out the tympanic membrane in my ear with her loud and shrill voice. What is it with Asians and loud voices? This is a question that I've pondered for many years growing up. Are they afraid that they can't be heard? That the only way to hear the different tones of the language was to shout it out? Is screaming considered a good custom? I really cringe when I hear my aunt talking or when my mother excitedly talks on the phone. Especially with family get-togethers. . .now those are the worst. I keep forgetting to bring my earplugs for special occasions such as this. And when I speak, they can't hear me, always telling me that I am too quiet. Can you blame them? They probably blew out THEIR eardrums already.

Luckily, at this moment, everyone is asleep and I am reveling in the momentary solitude of the night. And this is why I am a night-owl. After the excitement, the hustling, the clamorous sounds of the day; I can absorb the subtle low tones of the night. I greedily consume the peace that I feel that I can only get when the sun dips below, out of sight, out of mind. I guess one could say that I am exhausted yet I do not know why. I have always loved the night and tonight, I am reconfirming that which I am thankful for. That Mother Nature has deemed that life must periodically slow down, to rest awhile, to allow us to rebuild the energy needed to successfully conquer another day.

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