Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The past is creeping up from behind. . . 

It has been a long while since I've last blogged. So to recapitulate on the past two months, I will only highlight the main things of late.

Two guys from my past have contacted me. Now, this is very strange for me because usually my past stays in the past. Rarely does my past come up from behind to enter my present to then possibly become part of my future.

Guy #1 is a little psychotic and I really don't care to hear from him. I haven't heard from him in over a year and a half so it comes as a large surprise when I receive a letter and an extravagant gift. Therein lies an inner dilemma for me. I wanted to give it back because I wanted nothing to do with it and I didn't need a constant reminder of HIM. I also believe that it could be a guilt gift, and if he feels guilty then I sure as heck did not want to relieve him of it by accepting the gift. But my close friends keep telling me to "keep it" after knowing all that I had been through, knowing what he has done in the past, and knowing that I don't owe him anything. While that is also true, I still was not comfortable with keeping it. How did I decide? Well, the decision came about a month later when a good friend mentioned that he is somewhat mental and therefore does not think like other normal guys. So how do I know what his intentions were? What really sealed the deal? He pissed me off so I decided to keep it after all.

Guy #2 is more normal. I met him on Mother's Day last year. I went on one date and since I wasn't interested, hadn't heard from him since. But again, oddly enough, he contacts me right after Mother's Day of this year. Although I am flattered that he still wants to take me out, I am a little perturbed that he contacts me around Mother's Day. I mean, shouldn't he be occupied with his mother rather than think about me on Mother's Day!!! Geez, how scary. To be nice, I replied thinking,"Friends?". . .Nope, he asks me out again. How do I nicely tell someone that I am not interested?

Stay tuned for June. . .

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