Thursday, July 22, 2004

And now in June. . . 

I know, I know, I've been remiss.  I told you that I'd be a terrible blogger.  I tried to get on the computer last night, but my temperamental internet connection was down sick.  Well, let me wrap up June.


Guy #1:  I never emailed the Mother's Day guy so I haven't heard from him since.  It isn't that it wouldn't be nice to be friends and hang out with new people.  Love that.  I just got lazy.  Everything that I base by memories of him is from our one date last year.  To be honest, he bored me to hell.  So I wasn't eager to be bored again.  I know, maybe it is harsh but he wasn't remarkable, and I don't have time for unremarkability.  Hmm, I do wonder though if he is going to contact me again next year around Mother's Day?  If he did, gotta admire the persistence. . .or maybe freak out about the stalking. 

Guy#2:  One of my friends from San Francisco came to visit me.  I usually tell him almost everything, something about him being far away and not really in my life makes it easier for me to talk to him.  Well, we talked about my last relationship and how I was still a little sad about it.  Then he ever so kindly offers to be my sex buddy to help me get over it.  Okay, first of all, UGH!  Second of all, surprised and a little weirded out.  Third, are guys really this single-minded?    Fourth, even if I wanted a sex buddy, shouldn't I first be physically attracted to my sex buddy?  Anyways, in a sarcastically sweet voice, I declined.  I don't think I am that desperate.

Guy#3:  At the end of May, I started going out again.  You know, do the things I used to do before.  Going out to clubs and bars to hang out with friends, started training for a triathlon, that sort of thing.  Well, there is this Ricco Suave guy that I had met about a year ago who hangs out with my friends off and on.  Never really got to know him because most of the time that I've seen him, he's happily drunk.  No biggie, just a fun party guy.  On my first night out, we got to talking.  For two weeks after, we talked almost everyday for a couple of hours.  Found that he wasn't a stupid party drunk but an intelligent, funny, philosophical guy who likes to read and go road biking.  He found that I wasn't a snobby uptight girl (no idea where he got that idea).  Things that I don't like. . .the smoking and not just cigarettes.  I am not bothered too much by people smokin' the gangja every once in awhile.  I am bothered by addiction.  Although I believe he is not addicted to gangja,  I believe he IS addicted to cigarettes.  And I cannot stand to smell it on him, his clothes, his breath. . .Soo-ooh not attractive.  I can't get over strong cigarette smell.  First time he tried to kiss me, I pulled away and told him that although I liked him, I am not too fond of the smoking. . .I can smell it on him and it's a total turn-off.  'Course I tell him in a playful but serious tone.  'Course he laughed, didn't believe me, and tried again (complete with the whole "leaning" thing).  And 'course, I pulled back and he finally got the message.  The next weekend, we went out again (I thought as friends) and experienced the whole awkward end-of-the-night-what-should-I-do moment of which I broke by saying goodnight.  After that night, he stopped calling me.  Sad though, I enjoyed talking to him.  Isn't that just like a guy? If he thinks he's gonna get some, call her, talk to her, hang out with her.  If he ain't gonna get any, drop her and run away.  Guess I can't blame him though. . .a person can only take so much rejection.   But "thou shall not smoke" is one of my absolutely-no-compromise requirements for a guy that I date.  I have personal reasons for this and it is something I feel strongly about. Now, we hang out once in awhile or go biking together as friends.  I prefer it this way. . .no complications.  Probably still not ready to date.  I think I'm gonna quit for now.

Yeah, I've finished the dating chapter.  Sorry that it took awhile.  Now, I can talk about my unforgettable-wish-I-was-still-there-but-darn-I-can't-cuz-it's-too-expensive trip to Europe.  Still don't have pictures yet but am hoping to get them soon so that I can post them.  Until my next blog. . .

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