Sunday, October 31, 2004

In the words of Caroline (Poltergeist). . . 

I'm baaaaa-aaaack!!

My apologies everyone for keeping you and myself out of the loop. After weeks of studying for the GRE, applying to grad schools, and 60 hour work weeks, it is over. Whew! I can breathe again. I can have my normal life again. I can go out and play again. I am looking forward to it. But where is everybody else? I even had to miss Halloween, first time since I moved back to big D. During these weeks, I've actually had stress dreams quite often, almost every day. Something that has never happened before. But during my sleepless, stressful, dazed nirvana, I've had some reflections that I will perhaps share a little later. Others I will keep to myself:) Alas, I must stop writing so that I can start studying for an exam. On a last note (one that especially means something to me),

If, in your course, you don’t meet
your equal, your better,
then continue your course
firmly, alone.
There’s no fellowship with fools.
-Dhammapada (Daily Buddhist Wisdom)

Later peeps!

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