Wednesday, November 10, 2004

*bunt* *bunt* OVER!!! 

In my first team sport, sand volleyball, we actually won against a team after many games of failure. Yeah, "singles" team!!! Despite the cold temperatures, hard & damp sand, and strong wind factors, we prevailed. Some casualties (most of which are mine, of course) included sand in my eyes and mouth, injuring my foot on a hidden peg (conspiracy?), and feet cramping up due to digging in the hard, cold sand. Always tons of fun when your gettin' dirty (whether it's sport-related or not) ;)

But on another note, thinking of tomorrow when I must potentially face my ex again when I go to class, and remembering earlier conversations with other females. . .

It is easiest to regress,
easier still to move on,
and easy to forget.
But it is hard to accept,
harder still to let go,
and the hardest to be happy.

Why do I make my life more complicated?

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