Thursday, December 16, 2004

Why not gray? 

Do you ever wonder why people think and act in black and white? Such things are never absolute. Yet we constantly want things to be exact and infallible. For some reason, we seem to better accept the extremes because there is no confusing gray areas. However, if I ponder further and think about what I know and what I am taught, I see that grayness is everywhere. A fact is not really absolute, it just has not been validated as false. Religion is a gray area. Mathematicians believe in infinity. Science is based on theories that have not been proven wrong. Even my hair is not the color black, rather it is a very dark brown, so dark that it looks black. I can't help but think that our absolutes are not really absolutes. Absolutes are shades of gray that "looks" black or white. I must also consider that our decisions in life are not definite. They can be 50.0000001% to 99.9999999% one way, or 0.0000001% to 49.9999999% the other way. So if this is the case, why not embrace the gray areas on which we live our lives. What is wrong with gray?

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