Thursday, February 17, 2005

The other woman 

Once upon a time, a very quiet and shy German engineer was interning in a lab. He fell in "love" with an Asian lab assistant who just wanted to be friends. Always the shy one, the engineer would only email her despite the fact that he sees her every day and works only one bench over. Unfortunately, he couldn't overcome his shyness and left for Germany without ever being able to have a conversation with her. But always hopeful, he continues to think about the Asian girl and hopes to see her again when he returns. Little does he know that a magical blue bird had discreetly enlightened the girl that the engineer actually had a secret girlfriend during this time. A serious girlfriend who happens to be the boss' niece. . .

Well, he wasn't really in love with me but just had a huge crush. Just think. . .I could have become "the other woman". Or as the blue bird has wisely mentioned, "I already am the other woman." I am not angry since I was not interested, but I am highly humored.

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