Monday, March 21, 2005

Ivy League Here I Come! 

Well, it is official. I received my letters from Yale today. My name is on the class roster along with 14 males and 18 other females. I am the only Texan on this list. I actually went out and bought a cowboy hat for just the occasion. Along with the class roster came the tuition costs and so forth. Yep, I am really going to Yale. Somehow the letters, especially the itemized list of the tuition and costs, made it a reality for me. Sure, I knew for awhile but it was mostly lurking in my subconscious. Peeking out every once in awhile but quickly getting shoved back in. I had an absolutely wonderful birthday thanks to my friends (oh, and alcohol, too). When people wrote in my birthday cards saying that they will miss me when I go away, it was a real effort to hold back tears. Uh, oh, my eyes are starting to swell. I still can't quite imagine being someplace else yet. Breathe and take it slow. Whoosahhh!

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