Wednesday, April 06, 2005

At least they didn't take my cowboy hat. . . 

As some of you may know, my car was broken into Sunday night in uptown. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one. Two other cars were also burglarized a few blocks up at a restaurant's valet parking a couple of hours before. They took my gymbag with dirty clothes, rollerblades, and a brand-new $100 down coat that I had just purchased from my trunk. They broke my passenger side window and took my little flashlight and my car stereo. Total costs to replace the car stereo, the dashboard piece they broke to get the stereo, and window? $500. A couple hundred more to get new rollerblades, swim gear, and another coat. Not to mention having to cancel a couple of credit cards because I had receipts lying around and who knows which receipts came from idiotic stores that print the whole credit card numbers on them. Totally sucks. Having had my car broken into before years ago, and having had a car stolen from me before; it could have been worse. I am slightly cheered that they did not steal my car and that they didn't take my very expensive cowboy hat. Even the cops agreed that they were surprised that the hat wasn't taken. Apparently, the thieves were total amateurs not to have recognized a good cowboy hat when they see one. Or they just weren't "true" Texans.

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