Thursday, December 29, 2005

Six months later... 

Wow, has it been six months since my last posting? Many things have happened since then.
Worked like crazy during July and August, moved to Connecticut, and started school. School...I am lovin' it!!! I love my classmates, the program is great, and Yale is awesome! Connecticut is beautiful with all the trees and some mountains that are not really big so I don't know if they count as mountains. But comin' from Texas, they're mountains to me. During the past four months, I have become a sort of alien, no longer human. At least I don't feel that way. I am not myself. I spend every waking moment in class or studying like crazy. I had blocked out everything that was me. I blocked out my friends, my family, my life in Texas. I was too busy to even realize it. My short-term memory is shot. I missed everyone's birthday because I couldn't even keep track of what day it was. Sounds like hell? Not really. This is all part of the process I guess. And I wouldn't trade it for anything. It has been an intense, extremely stressful, chaotic kind of lunacy. A part of my life that were I to write an autobiography, I'd title this chapter: INSANITY. And I love it. Where is the logic in that? I don't know, must have left it somewhere between Texas and Connecticut. I am on Christmas vacation right now. Two weeks to be normal and it took a couple of days to adjust to it. People keep asking, "How is school? How many hours am I taking?" And I can't quite describe it. School? Well, I am passing so that is definitely a good thing. Hours? No such thing. I have a list of classes and people can try to guess the hours but what is the point? In four months I went through physiology, anatomy with full cadaver dissection, physical diagnosis and examination, immunology, dermatopathology, cardiopathology, microbiology, biochemistry, research/thesis work, pharmacology, diagnostic imaging, and pathology. Maybe there are a couple more classes but I can't keep track anyway. If anyone wants to figure out the hours, be my guest. I still illogically love it.

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